June 27, 2008
Acromegaly Patient Education Day

Acromegaly is a rare disorder in which the pituitary gland produces an excessive amount of growth hormone, causing extremities to grow to an abnormally large size and potentially resulting in heart, lung and metabolic problems. On May 30, the MGH Neuroendocrine Clinical Center hosted an Acromegaly Patient Education Day, helping patients and families understand the symptoms of the condition, learn about the latest advances in treatment and meet other patients. For information about acromegaly treatment at the MGH, visit pituitary.mgh.harvard.edu. For information about participating in clinical research studies, contact Karen J.P. Liebert, RN, BSN, at (617) 726-7473 or call the Neuroendocrine Clinical Center at (617) 726-7948.

acromegaly group

EDUCATING PATIENTS AND FAMILIES: Back row, from left, Liebert and Andrea Utz, MD, PhD. Front row, from left, Michelle Gurel, RN, BSN; Anne Klibanski, MD, chief of the MGH Neuroendocrine Unit; and Karen K. Miller, MD.

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