November 21, 2008
SavePower! expands

Since March, the energy conservation program SavePower! has been used at the MGH, placing computer monitors into standby mode when inactive for 30 minutes. Beginning Dec. 1, this initiative will expand to computers and rollout over a two-week period. Clinical workstations and Macintosh computers will not be affected.

SavePower! requires a one-time reboot of each computer. Then, at 7:30 pm daily, if the machine is logged in and not in use, a timer will start. If the machine remains unused for 30 minutes, the logged-in user will be logged out. At 8 pm, the machines will be placed in standby. To awaken the workstation, employees should touch the mouse or keyboard and enter their username and Partners password. At the end of the workday, employees should log out of their computers as follows:
• Save open documents and files.
• Close applications.
• Click the yellow lock icon in the lower right taskbar.
• Click the new user button.

For more information, visit or call the Help Desk at (617) 726-5085.

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