November 21, 2008
MGHfC residents emerge victorious in Pediatric Bowl

MassGeneral Hospital for Children (MGHfC) residents were declared this year’s winners of the local Pediatric Bowl – a competition much like the game show Jeopardy – at the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Conference held at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston Oct. 11 through 14. MGHfC residents Michele Duke, MD; Peter Moschovis, MD; Kevin Schwartz, MD; Emmett Schmidt, MD; and Bradley Monash, MD, managed a dramatic victory against competitors from Tufts Floating Hospital for pedi bowl winnersChildren and the Combined Residency Program of Children’s Hospital Boston and Boston Medical Center by naming eight of the “deadly dozen” diseases on the rise in the age of global warming.

“It was truly a comeback for the ages, a triumphant victory in the annals of a friendly cross-town rivalry,” says Monash. “The MGHfC contestants made their move from behind and won in the final round.”

The AAP National Conference and Exhibition is an annual event that brings together pediatricians from around the country for seminars and various activities. The Pediatric Bowl is considered by some to be the National Spelling Bee of child health knowledge and matches the wits of pediatric residents in the areas of visual diagnosis, creative thinking, and pediatric and general medical knowledge.

PEDI BOWL CHAMPIONS: From left, Duke, Monash, Moschovis, Schwartz and Schmidt

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