November 7, 2008
Thinking outside the box: MGH Clinical Innovation Retreat

Approximately 50 MGH physicians, inventors, researchers, administrators and senior leadership attended a half-day Innovation Retreat hosted by Brit Nicholson, MD, MGH senior vice president and chief medical officer, Oct. 10 at the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem. The group explored opportunities for supporting the creative work that drives the continual improvement in patient care at the MGH. Participants discussed the needs of the MGH clinical innovation community and the resources and technologies available to meet those needs. Suzanne Sokal, MPH, of the Center for Quality and Safety, led participants in several novel brainstorming exercises. 

Championed by Harry Demonaco, MS, of the Clinical Care Management Unit; Christiana Iyasere, MD, MBA, of the Department of Medicine; and Irina Erenburg, PhD, of Partners Research Ventures and Licensing; the retreat was the first step in establishing a multidisciplinary, collaborative community of innovators across the hospital. Retreat organizers are now working on the next steps, which will include an MGH innovation community website. Carl Blesius, MD, Michael Steigman, and Greg Estey, all of the Laboratory of Computer Science, currently are working on the first version of the website.

For more information or to become involved with innovation at the MGH, contact Demonaco at or (617) 724-8253.

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