November 7, 2008
A relaxing evening at the Benson-Henry Institute

The Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at MGH (BHI) hosted an open house Oct. 23 to inaugurate their new location at 151 Merrimac St. and celebrate their integration with the MGH. "The institute is thrilled and honored to be part of the MGH and to add the best of mind body medicine to the superlative drug and surgical approaches that already exist at the hospital," said Herbert Benson, MD, BHI founder and director emeritus. As part of the event, BHI staff conducted four relaxation sessions for guests to experience the relaxation response – a physical state of deep rest that can change the physical and emotional responses to stress.

Guests also learned about the programs and goals of the BHI. According to Gregory Fricchione, MD, BHI director, "We have a classic, three-part medical mission: to provide mind body clinical services for patients and the general public; to offer training in mind body medicine for health care personnel and trainees in schools and occupational settings; and to conduct research to discover the mechanisms responsible for the health effects of mind body medicine so that ultimately we can create even better interventions."

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BHI Open HouseRELAXED: From left, BHI open house guests Barbara M. Nielson, MDiv, PhD; and Kelly Brooks with Benson

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