October 24, 2008
Daniel Ginsburg to take post at Stanford Hospital & Clinics

ginsbergDaniel A. Ginsburg, MGPO president and chief operating officer (COO) and MGH senior vice president for Cancer and Women’s Programs, has accepted the position of chief operating officer at Stanford Hospital & Clinics in Palo Alto, California, effective January 2009. He will remain with the MGPO until early January.

Ginsburg will be joining Stanford Hospital as it plans and designs a new 600-bed inpatient facility and opens Stanford Medicine Outpatient Center in February 2009. As COO, he will direct operations, develop and implement strategic priorities, focus on overall quality of service and work to optimize patient care delivery.  

The COO of the MGPO since it began in 1994, Ginsburg became MGPO president in 1997. In 2003, he became the MGH senior vice president for Cancer and Women’s Programs.

During this time, Ginsburg has been an effective leader, helping make the MGPO an organization that represents and protects the interests of physicians. In the early years W. Gerald Austen, MD, former MGPO chairman and chief executive officer, and Ginsburg worked together to create the MGPO governance and committee structures, turning around the losses of the predecessor organization. The MGPO today boasts over $1.3 billion in total revenues and substantial reserves, and has built one of the finest physician organization management teams in the nation.

Responsible for the business side of the MGPO, Ginsburg led the effort to improve physician contracts, billing, compensation plans and information systems, resulting in substantial increases in physician compensation. Ginsburg also played a leadership role in focusing the institution on patient service and quality and safety and played major roles in the creation of Mass General West and the soon-to-be finished Mass General/North Shore Center for Outpatient Care.

As a member of the MGH senior staff and as senior vice president of Cancer and Women’s Programs, he has exerted considerable influence on the hospital side of his responsibilities. Notably, he has helped increase patient care activity in cancer and obstetric and gynecology services and guided the launch of a major cancer fundraising campaign. In addition, Ginsburg chairs the Partners Process Improvement Executive Committee and is the process improvement leader for MGH where more than 20 process improvement projects have been successfully undertaken.

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