October 10, 2008
MGHers go the distance with Be Fit Walking Challenge

Nearly 100 MGH employees stepped up to the MGH Be Fit Walking Challenge, celebrating the completion of the program Oct. 1 in the Bigelow Amphitheater. The MGHers had participated in an eight-week contest that included their selecting a "trail" to walk such as the Appalachian Trail, Bay Circuit Trail, Boston Harbor Walk or Cape Cod National Seashore Beach Hike. Walkers tracked the number of minutes walked each day and attempted to reach the end of their designated trail distance. Of the
96 participants, 64 MGHers completed and exceeded the minutes needed to walk their trail. In total, all of the walkers accumulated 220,988 minutes during the eight weeks, which is approximately equal to walking from Boston to Los Angeles and back twice.

"We are very proud of all of the challenge participants," says Erin Marley of the Clubs at Charles River Park. "Many walkers exceeded their goals and gained fitness and health benefits while having fun. Many of the participants also have said that they are continuing their walking lifestyles as a result of the challenge."

In addition to being rewarded with better health, all participants who reached their mileage goal were enrolled in a raffle for the chance to win one of five prizes Ð their choice of a one-month membership to the Clubs at Charles River Park or a $25 gift card from MGH Food and Nutrition Services.

For more information about the MGH Be Fit Walking Challenge, access http://intranet.massgeneral.org/befit/walkingchallenge.htm. For more information about the MGH Be Fit program, contact Marley at (617) 726-2900.

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