October 3, 2008
Having a heart: Sharing pediatric cardiac care across the world

Since 1999, Children's HeartLink, an international medical nonprofit that works to prevent, treat and cure heart disease among children in developing countries, has been sending doctors to Lanzhou, China to teach Chinese clinicians new techniques and advanced methods for treating children with heart conditions. Recently, Jeff Myers, MD, chief of Cardiac Surgery at MassGeneral Hospital for Children(MGHfC), led a team of MGHfC physicians on a mission to Lanzhou from Sept. 13 through 20 to share the latest congenital heart surgery techniques and provide care to pediatric patients at the First Hospital of Lanzhou University.

group to china

INTERNATIONAL OUTREACH: Myers, third from left, met with Chinese clinicians from First Hospital of Lanzhou University. Also on the trip were MGHers Swanton, second from left; Mehta, sixth from left; Cummings, seventh from left; and Vitti, ninth from left.

Myers' wife, Dahri, accompanied the physicians to China and documented the mission on her blog. In addition to Myers, MGHfC staff who served on the trip were Christine Swanton, CCP, of Cardiac Surgery; Vipin Mehta, MD, of Cardiac Anesthesia; Brian Cummings, MD, of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit; and Jennifer Vitti, PA, of the Pediatric Surgical Service. The team worked on the most complex cases and taught their Chinese counterparts several new procedures. Aside from helping Chinese children in need, the team also sought to develop a lasting relationship among the MGHfC, Children's HeartLink and the First Hospital.

For more information about the trip, access Myers' blog at mghfcheartcenter.blogspot.com

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