February 1, 2008
Shaping service interactions

front and center logoWhen patients arrive at the MGH, often the first person they encounter is front line staff. Staff members in ambulatory practices and support services are integral to shaping the patient's perception of a quality interaction and benefit from having the knowledge and tools to deliver this quality interaction consistently. Managers can help strengthen their staff's service delivery and enhance the patient's experience by registering their staff for the new Front and Center Program.

Sponsored by the Service Improvement Department, the Front and Center Program is a four-part training series that focuses on the attitudes, culture, social and emotional behaviors that shape the service interaction. Each course will be offered several times in 2008 and will be held on the second floor of 165 Charles River Plaza. To view logistics for each course, access intranet.massgeneral.org/service/frontcenter_sched.html. Managers can register direct reports by e-mailing Beth Churnet at bchurnet@partners.org. Registrations will be made on a first come, first serve basis.

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