August 22, 2008
In General

Lorraine Drapek, RN, MS, OCN, of MGH Radiation Oncology, has been awarded the MGH Cancer Center's 2008 Oncology Nursing Career Development Award, which is presented annually to a nurse who demonstrates excellence in delivering care to cancer patients, serves as a role model and is committed to professional development. The $1,000 award is funded by the Friends of the MGH Cancer Center, a volunteer organization dedicated to providing comfort, support, education and amenities for patients, families and friends.

Seven MGH researchers have been selected to receive a 2008 Young Investigator Award from NARSAD, a nonprofit organization dedicated to mental health research. Each winner will receive a two-year grant worth $60,000 for research on psychiatric disorders. The MGH honorees and their areas of research are: Amy Farabaugh, PhD, responses to selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors in major depressive disorders; Daphne Holt, MD, PhD, paranoid schizophrenia and its associated biological processes within specific brain regions; Mohammed Milad, PhD, functional magnetic resonance imaging studies of post-traumatic stress disorder; Mireya Nadal-Vicens, MD, PhD, fruit fly models of psychiatric disease; Roberto Sassi, MD, PhD, functional magnetic resonance imaging of pediatric bipolar disorder; Tatiana Sitnikova, PhD, the role of genetic and neural dysfunctions in real-world cognition in schizophrenia; and Jennifer Stone, PhD, a genome-wide search for genes contributing to schizophrenia.

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