August 22, 2008
Addressing childhood obesity

In the United States, the childhood obesity rate has more than doubled for preschool-age children and more than tripled for children age 6 to 11 over the past three decades. In fact, approximately 9 million U.S. children over the age of 6 are considered obese.

On Aug. 12, these statistics and the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle were addressed by Daniel Hamilos, MD, of MGH's Rheumatology, Allergy and Immunology Division. In partnership with the Making Our Environment Right (MOER) Foundation's first annual Childhood Obesity Prevention Program (COPP) Health Series, Hamilos spoke to approximately 130 school-age children at the Yawkey Boys and Girls Club of Boston, giving an interactive and child-friendly presentation.
The MGH Heart Center provided more than 100 pedometers, and children who indicated they had asthma were given peak flow meters.

The COPP Health Series-Boston ran from May 6 through Aug. 12 and featured lecturers from the MGH, Partners HealthCare, BWH, Harvard Medical School and Healthworks Fitness for Women. For more information about the program, access

PREVENTING CHILDHOOD OBESITY: From left, Anthony L. Williams, DD, MOER Foundation, Inc. regional health lecturer; Ann-Marie Anthony-Williams, MOER Foundation, Inc. program director; Hamilios; and Ali York Muhammed, DD, chief executive officer and founder of the MOER Foundation, Inc.


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