August 22, 2008
MGH International Transplant Observership Program

Recently, the MGH Transplant Center – in partnership with the MGH Office of Visitor Education Programs – hosted five clinicians from several Chinese hospitals and universities in an effort to develop common goals for excellence in patient care and understand regional differences in medical practices. 

Developed and championed by Dicken Ko, MD, surgical director of MGH Adult and Pediatric Renal Transplantation, the initiative is aimed at creating a dialogue among international colleagues, engaging them in shaping the future of transplantation in their home country as suggested by various transplant societies. Ultimately, dialogue and openness in the medical profession could help extend knowledge further and benefit individuals more widely.

"Our guests have expressed thanks and gratitude to our group for giving them an example of how teamwork will result in great success for transplant recipients," says Ko. "They learned, by example, that not only does the surgery need to be a success, but all of the care from the divisions of Infectious Diseases, Nephrology, Hepatology, Psychiatry, Patient Care Services and Social Services is necessary to ensure long-term survival."

For more information about the VEP, contact Shelly Riley at (617) 726-8363 or

INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATION: Riley, far left, and Ko, far right, meet with Chinese clinicians.


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