March 28, 2008
Welcome to Front & Center

front and center participantsAt a recent Service Learning Series March 19, managers and leaders had the opportunity to experience the MGH/MGPO Practice Improvement Service Improvement Department's new Front & Center Program. Mary Cunningham, director of the department, welcomed attendees and explained that the program was created to support front-line staff and their managers in their efforts to consistently deliver a high quality experience to patients, their caregivers and one another.

AN EXCELLENT ENCOUNTER: Facilitator Suzanne O'Connor provides an in-depth look at quality service.

Facilitators introduced participants to the Front & Center Program's four modules: Mastering the Excellent Encounter, Quality Interactions, Customer Service Skills and How May I Help You? The first module focuses on the attitudes and behaviors that shape service interactions, while Quality Interactions focuses on creating awareness of the influences of cultural and emotional experiences on service delivery. The third module examines the ten most valued skills for ensuring the consistent delivery of quality interaction, and How May I Help You? highlights methods for dealing with difficult people and situations.

Service Learning Series are held bimonthly, with the next event, "Hiring for Service," scheduled for May 21. For more information, contact Cindy Sprogis, senior project manager, at

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