March 14, 2008
ED area name changes

In conjunction with Emergency Department (ED) reconfiguration efforts, many treatment areas in the ED will undergo a name change beginning March 18 to better reflect the type of care provided in each area.

The Trauma area will be called Acute, and the Major Multipurpose (MAMP) and Rapid Diagnostic Unit (RDU) areas will be called Urgent A and Urgent B, respectively. The Minor Multipurpose (MIMP) area will become Fast Track, and the Orbit and Triage areas will be called START. A few treatment areas will retain their names, including Acute Psychiatric Services (APS), ED Observation Unit (EDOU) and Pediatrics. The following chart outlines the changes mentioned above:

Current New
Trauma Acute
MAMP Urgent A
RDU Urgent B
MIMP Fast Track
Orbit/Triage START
Pediatrics Pediatrics

For more information about the name changes in the ED, contact Julia Sinclair, executive director of Emergency Services, at (617) 726-3387.

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