August 15, 2008
MGH equipment promotes patient and staff safety

demonstrating safety equipmentSafety – both for on-the-job caregivers and hospital patients – was the theme of the Safe Patient Handling Equipment Fair in the Bulfinch Tent July 23. Hosted by the Norman Knight Nursing Center for Clinical and Professional Development and the MGH Occupational Health Service, the fair provided approximately 400 nurses and clinical nurse specialists with hands-on demonstrations of safe patient handling equipment such as ceiling lifts, portable lifts, lateral transfer devices and motorized stretchers and beds. All of the equipment on display is available at the MGH to assist in handling patients safely and comfortably while protecting staff from injury. 

For more information about the equipment, contact Tucker O'Day, MSPT, program manager for Ergonomics, at (617) 726-6548 or

GETTING A LIFT: MGH staff learned about safe patient handling equipment such as ceiling lifts from vendors at the fair.

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