August 8, 2008
MGH Cancer Center honors the one hundred

The MGH Cancer Center this June launched the inaugural celebration of the one hundred at an event that each spring will honor 100 individuals and groups that represent the devoted staff, volunteers and philanthropists who help make the MGH Cancer Center a national leader in cancer care and research. On June 5, the one hundred were honored both at an afternoon event for MGH Cancer Center staff under the Bulfinch Tent and again in the evening during a fundraising dinner. MGH President Peter L. Slavin, MD, welcomed guests to the afternoon celebration. Other speakers included Daniel A. Haber, MD, PhD, director of the MGH Cancer Center, and Bruce A.
Chabner, MD, clinical director of the MGH Cancer Center.

Of this year's the one hundred honorees, Slavin remarked, "The most powerful force of the MGH Cancer Center is its people. All of those honored on the one hundred list have helped make the Cancer Center what it is today, and their efforts and dedication to the Cancer Center are truly appreciated. With our shared commitment to our patients, we look forward to continuing to break new ground in cancer treatment through research and clinical advances."

Nomination forms to honor the one hundred for 2009 will be available this fall. For a full listing of the one hundred for 2008, visit

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