August 8, 2008
Having a heart: MGH patient's coworkers help out their friend

To say that MGH transplant patient Greg Potter has a "wonderful heart" couldn't be truer, and Potter's colleagues at Stahlman Group certainly agreed with that sentiment when they joined forces to help out their friend while he was hospitalized at the MGH. Potter, who was diagnosed with heart disease in 2006, had been awaiting a new heart at the hospital for four weeks when three of his colleagues – Chris Hansen, Rip Cross and Steve Gilman – arrived for a visit July 1. Although it was necessary for Potter to remain lying on his back as much as possible, with his wife Lin at his side, he was able to view a slideshow his friends brought on a laptop computer. It showed 16 of his past and current colleagues – including Rob Redman, the firm's managing partner – painting Potter's house, a project he had started before his hospitalization but had become too weak to complete.

"It was great," he says. "I had no idea they did this while I was here at the hospital. This was a big job, and it's now knocked off my to-do list."

Potter received his new heart July 9 under the care of Gus Vlahakes, MD, co-director of the MGH Heart Center; and cardiology physicians William Carlson, MD; Stephanie Moore, MD; Christopher Newton-Cheh, MD; Gregory Lewis, MD; Marc Semigran, MD; Jordan Shin, MD; and Thomas Jue-Fuu Wang, MD.

"The care here at Mass General has been great," says Potter. "All the nurses and doctors are very helpful and professional. Everything has gone really smoothly so far, even though it's been a long path. I am very grateful to the whole team."

Adds Lin: "We were so touched by this gesture. Since he was admitted, we have been surrounded by such impressive individuals – both doctors and nurses – and I can't say enough about them. In addition to all of the wonderful caregivers here, we have such remarkable friends at home. We appreciate everyone's outpouring of love."


A SPECIAL VISIT: From left, Cross, Gilman, Hansen and Potter

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