April 11, 2008
Small actions lead to big impressions

Answering the telephone, greeting patients, scheduling appointments — all of these seemingly routine tasks are significant opportunities for employees to help shape a patient's impression of the MGH, and support staff play a vital role in these efforts. With this in mind, late last year the MGH Heart Center formed the Support Staff Council, comprising employees from across the center, whose goal was to create an outstanding Heart Center experience for both patients and staff. Under the guidance of Michael Montgomery, administrative director of Clinical Operations for Cardiology Division, and Sandra St. Fleur of the MGH/MGPO Service Improvement Department, the council met weekly for three months to craft a vision statement unifying the center's support staff. They also developed and implemented a universal telephone greeting that is being adopted across the Heart Center. The council will continue to play an active role in assessing operations and providing advice and assistance on ways to continue delivering service excellence.

heart center staffIn recognition of their successful efforts, the group recently received an Excellence in Action Award from Peter L. Slavin, MD, MGH president, who created the program to honor employees for consistently providing exceptional service. The council's members who were recognized are Maria Sanchez, Dianne Brennan, Marie Auger, John Soto, Pat Martin-McBride, Marie Caggiano-Yasien, Donna Vadala, Corrine Higinbotham, Shana Bryant, Elizabeth "Betty Ann" Gilroy and Lashon Payton.

EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE: Front row, from left, Vadala, Sanchez, Gilroy, Martin-McBride and Brennan. Back row, from left, Higinbotham, Caggiano-Yasien, Slavin and Montgomery

For more information about the Excellence in Action Awards, visit intranet.massgeneral.org/service.

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