April 18, 2008
Honoring the MGH's Eucharistic ministers

Healing takes more than addressing just the physical needs of patients — honoring and supporting their spiritual lives is a vital component of patient-centered care. Helping to meet this need are the MGH's Eucharistic ministers, a dedicated group of volunteers who assist the MGH Chaplaincy staff in bringing Holy Communion to the hospital' s Roman Catholic patients and their families. On April 10, the Chaplaincy celebrated these nearly 40 individuals with a special commissioning service in the MGH Chapel.

eucharistic ministersDuring the ceremony, MGH chaplains representing a number of faiths offered a blessing to the volunteers, who each received a pin and a special certificate signed by Cardinal Sean O'Malley, archbishop of Boston; and Chaplaincy members Michael McElhinny, MDiv, director of the Chaplaincy; Father Celestino Pascual, Eucharistic Ministry Program advisor; and Gina Murray, the program manager. Eucharistic ministers Kelly Clark and Jim Leo also spoke on behalf of their fellow volunteers, sharing their experiences with the ministry and the deep impact it has made on their lives.

FAITHFUL SERVICE: Eucharistic ministers proudly display their certificates.

"The volunteers are terrific, and we're so grateful for their dedication to our patients here at the MGH," said Murray. "Volunteer hours have been steadily rising over the past year, showing just how committed they are. It makes such a difference for patients and families."

For more information about the Eucharistic Ministry Program, call (617) 726-2226.

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