May 30, 2008
New screensavers unveiled

screensaverThis month, MGHers logging onto Partners computers will have noticed attention-grabbing screensavers that carry key messages about High Performance Medicine (HPM). HPM is the name that Partners HealthCare uses to describe a group of systemwide initiatives designed to improve the quality, safety and efficiency of patient care. The new screensavers, which feature bright colors and helpful messaging, inform screensaverusers on topics such as electronic medical records and computerized physician order entry.

During the past year, Partners has been communicating information about HPM to physicians via the physician organizations, the web, direct mail newsletters, hospital posters, the annual report, advertising and computer screensavers. A recent online Partners-wide physician survey revealed that more than half of Partners physicians have heard of HPM, virtually all are aware of at least one of its initiatives and are most likely to have learned about HPM through the screensavers.

For general information about HPM, access

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