May 30, 2008
MGH physicians visit China Hua Shan Hospital

group discussionThis May, four clinical MGH leaders made a special journey across the world to Hua Shan Hospital in Shanghai, China to present research, serve as consultants and continue developing the relationship between the two hospitals. The MGH chiefs who traveled to Asia were Andrew L. Warshaw, MD, MGH surgeon-in-chief; Leonard Kaban, MD, DMD, chief of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery; William F. Crowley Jr, MD, chief of the Reproductive Endocrine Unit and director of the Clinical Research Program; and Jay Loeffler, MD, chief of MGH Radiation Oncology.

A WORLD AWAY: Several MGH chiefs visit with Hua Shan Hospital leaders in Shanghaui.

In 2005, the MGH and Hua Shan Hospital signed an affiliation agreement to expand the relationship between the two hospitals and create a platform for the institutions to exchange knowledge, skills and opportunities. Since that time, the MGH has hosted a number of Hua Shan staff members as clinical observers and offered them research opportunities at the MGH. In addition, MGH staff members have traveled to Hua Shan Hospital to consult and present educational programs and research.

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