July 18, 2008
CPE Fellowship: Spiritual, compassionate care

The ranks of caregivers who honor the need for spirituality and compassion in the delivery of medical care are growing. Recently, this was demonstrated when eight graduates of the MGH Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Fellowship celebrated their completion of the program, which is offered by the MGH Chaplaincy Department.

Supported by the Kenneth B. Schwartz Center and the MGH Department of Nursing, the fellowship guides participants — who come from many areas of health care — in learning to initiate, deepen and end meaningful relationships in the clinical context. Led by Fellowship Director Rev. Angelika Zollfrank, MDiv, BCC, of the Chaplaincy Department, participants reflect on experiences of spiritual caregiving, perform individualized spiritual assessments and learn about cultural, spiritual and religious diversity. "The program has provided me with a new set of skills," said graduate Ellen Robinson, RN, PhD, during the ceremony. Added fellow graduate Janice Cameron-Calef, RNC, "I became a guide in my patients' journeys through illness. I feel much better equipped to provide spiritually and culturally competent care."

This year's graduates are Cameron-Calef; Robinson; MaryAnn Columbia, RN; Richard DiBella, Pa-C, MDiv; Louis Doyle, RNC, BSN; Suzanne Reitz, RN, BSN, MS; Todd Rinehardt, LICSW, MSW; and Adele Welch, RNCS, HNC. For more information or to apply for the program, contact Zollfrank at (617) 724-3227. Applications are due by Sept. 2.

zollfrankTHE SPIRITUAL SIDE TO CARE: From left, standing, Rinehardt, Reitz, Cameron-Calef, Welch and Zollfrank.
From left, seated, Columbia, Doyle, Robinson and DiBella

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