July 18, 2008
Learning English with the Workplace Education Program

When Marina Guerrero of MGH Operating Room Administration came to the United States from El Salvador, she found American culture — and particularly the English language — very confusing. Today, an MGH employee for six years, Guerrero feels comfortable in her new country and credits this in part to her success learning English with the MGH English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Program, which she completed four years ago.

Guerrero shared her experience with the program as a speaker at the 13th annual MGH Workplace Education Program's Celebration of Achievement event June 6 under the Bulfinch Tent. "Now I can see how this English class helps me a lot in my daily life, in my job and with my children," she said. "I am so happy because the MGH gave me the opportunity to make my life better."

Guerrero was one of 102 adult learners honored at the reception that included speakers Carlyene Prince-Erickson, director of Employee Education and Leadership Development; Jeff Davis, senior vice president for MGH Human Resources; and Jerry Rubin, president of Jewish Vocational Services, the organization that provides the ESOL instructors. "The MGH is the gold standard in offering ESOL to employees and has set an example for other companies in the Boston area to do the same," said Rubin.

With family members, coworkers and managers in the audience, students from the program read samples of their ESOL work, sharing personal stories about their home countries, their jobs at the MGH and aspects of their daily lives. As a highlight of the event, each class participant received a certificate of completion.   

workACHIEVING THEIR DREAMS: Helen Witherspoon, program manager for the MGH Workplace Education Program (far right) and Massachusetts State Rep. Linda Dorcena Forry (center) meet and greet program participants during the reception.


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