July 18, 2008
  • A job well done: Celebrating operations support staff
    Around the clock, members of the MGH’s operations support staff work tirelessly to keep the hospital running smoothly. Whether they are Environmental Services staff who help keep the hospital environment clean, staff from Police, Security and Outside Services who maintain safety and security around the campus or employees who fill other important service roles, their contributions are vital in helping the hospital operate on a daily basis.

  • Primary care innovation across Partners
    Recommendations for the enhancement of primary care across Partners was the featured topic at the June 27 John D. Stoeckle Center for Primary Care Innovation seminar. Attendees learned about several innovative plans to address current challenges in primary care from several key members of the Partners Primary Care Task Force: Britain Nicholson, MD, chief medical officer; Sally S. Iles, associate vice president for Medicine and Primary Care Services; Valerie E. Stone, MD, associate chief of the General Medicine Unit; and Greg Pauly, executive director of Primary Care Administration.

  • Safe handling of chemotherapy drugs examined
    As part of a continuing effort to ensure employee and patient safety in the handling of chemotherapy drugs, the MGH Hazardous Drug Safety Task Force (HDSTF) has closely examined a number of areas where staff members prepare, administer and dispose of the drugs in a first-of-its-kind study.

  • Learning English with the Workplace Education Program
    When Marina Guerrero of MGH Operating Room Administration came to the United States from El Salvador, she found American culture — and particularly the English language — very confusing. Today, an MGH employee for six years, Guerrero feels comfortable in her new country and credits this in part to her success learning English with the MGH English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Program, which she completed four years ago.

  • New HMS professorship named for Gerald S. Foster, MD
    Gerald S. Foster, MD, an internist and attending physician in the MGH Department of Medicine for more than 50 years, recently was honored with an endowed professorship at Harvard Medical School (HMS), the Gerald S. Foster Academy Professorship in Medicine. The professorship was given by grateful patients in recognition of Foster's long and distinguished academic and medical career.

  • CPE Fellowship: Spiritual, compassionate care
    The ranks of caregivers who honor the need for spirituality and compassion in the delivery of medical care are growing. Recently, this was demonstrated when eight graduates of the MGH Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Fellowship celebrated their completion of the program, which is offered by the MGH Chaplaincy Department.

  • 59th annual MGH Candlepin Bowling League banquet
    The MGH Candlepin Bowling League rolled a strike, ending their season on a high note as members celebrated the end of their season at the league's 59th annual banquet June 14 at Anthony's in Malden. More than 90 MGHers and their guests joined the festivities.

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