June 20, 2008
  • Renewing the commitment to community health
    In Charlestown, a teenager is succeeding in battling a heroin addiction with help from a community coalition making remarkable progress in reducing overdoses and deaths from heroin and OxyContin.Nearby in Chelsea, a small child receives therapeutic services after witnessing a terrifying scene of domestic violence. And in Boston, an elderly adult with impaired mobility receives vital health screenings without having to leave her home.

  • MGH Idol audition
    While the popular TV show "American Idol" is on hiatus, hospital employees recently had the chance to see and hear their talented colleagues audition for the MGH version of the show, complete with Idol-like comments from three distinguished hospital judges.

  • Major grants received for drug abuse intervention
    The Charlestown Substance Abuse Coalition (CSAC) and the city of Revere, in collaboration with Revere CARES, will receive support from major grants from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and the Boston Public Health Commission for their efforts to reduce drug overdoses.

  • Standing up against domestic abuse
    On June 11, a group of MGHers committed themselves to ending domestic violence, participating in an interfaith Father's Day service in the MGH Chapel.

  • Three giants support a worthy cause
    MGH Cancer Center friends and supporters convened under the Bulfinch Tent May 29 for a luncheon celebrating the establishment of a new position created to add greater support for cancer patients at the MGH — the American Cancer Society (ACS) patient navigator for the Francis H. Burr Proton Therapy Center.

  • Excellence every day
    Excellence in patient care and safety, which includes compliance with Joint Commission standards, is a hospitalwide priority that benefits patients and their families and defines the work of MGH staff and employees.

  • In General
    Employee awards and recognition.

  • What's Happening
    Events around the MGH.

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