April 4, 2008
  • Seventy-five miles for Mom
    It is a feat few would attempt: walk 75 miles in only three days, continuously on the move for eight or nine hours each day. And yet earlier this winter, Ethan Gilsdorf did just that.

  • PCS honored for diversity
    Since its inception in 1995, the Patient Care Services (PCS) Diversity Program has made great strides in promoting the recruitment and retention of minority staff and offering patients the best in culturally competent care.

  • Hazardous Drug Safety Project: Evaluating chemotherapy drug safety at the MGH
    To understand the environmental impact involved with the preparation, administration and removal of nine chemotherapy drugs commonly used at the hospital, the MGH launched the first-of-its-kind Hazardous Drug Safety Project (HDSP) in December 2007.

  • Promising stem cell trial may benefit ischemic heart disease patients
    Patients suffering from severe ischemic heart disease — also known as coronary artery or coronary heart disease — who have exhausted their treatment options with traditional therapies may have new hope through an innovative clinical trial taking place partly at the MGH.

  • Gene variants found to be powerful predictors
    Researchers from the MGH Cardiology Division are taking the first steps toward using genetics to identify individuals who might benefit from earlier use of measures to prevent cardiovascular disease.

  • Chaplaincy observances
    On March 21, merrymaking MGHers took part in a festive celebration of Purim, a Jewish holiday commemorating a foiled plot against the Jews of ancient Persia. Later that day, the Chaplaincy also recognized Good Friday with well-attended Christian and Roman Catholic services to commemorate the death of Jesus Christ and celebrate its meaning throughout the year.

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