The Brigham and Women's Hospital
Department of Neurology

BWH Faculty, 2008

Divisions and Programs


Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases Steven K. Feske, MD
Neuro-Critical Care Galen V. Henderson, MD
General Neurology Thomas M. Walshe, MD
Neuro-ophthalmology Don Bienfang, MD
Multiple sclerosis Howard L. Weiner, MD
Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology Kirk Daffner, MD
Headache and Pain Elizabeth Loder, MD
Cancer Neurology Patrick Y. Wen, MD
Neuromuscular Diseases Anthony A. Amato, MD
Epilepsy and Sleep Barbara Dworetzky, MD
Movement Disorders Lewis R. Sudarsky, MD
Neuroscience Dennis J. Selkoe, MD

Other Programs

Neurological Ethics Thomas Cochrane, MD
Women’s Neurology M. Angela O'Neal, MD
Coma Studies Allan H. Ropper, MD