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Stipends and Benefits



Academic Year 2015-2016

Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Massachusetts General Hospital
Newton-Wellesley Hospital
Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

PGY Stipend
1 $ 59,000
2 $ 62,000
3 $ 64,350
4 $ 67,160
5 $ 71,000
6 $ 75,800
7 $ 78,400
8 $ 82,000

The Partners Neurology residency program offers generous and competitive wage and benefits plans that take the Boston area cost of living into account. The hospitals provide malpractice insurance for residents. Comprehensive medical insurance is offered at a minimal fee. Other benefits include life insurance, travel, accident and long-term disability insurance, tax sheltered annuities, health care and dependent care tax saving plans, direct deposit and the Harvard University Credit Union. In addition, fees for a public transportation pass (T pass) and a subsidized health club near the hospital can be directly deducted from the salary.

For a more detailed description of benefits, the Partners Lease Guarantee program, trainee policies, responsibilities and contracts, please, visit the Partners/MGH/BWH GME site. For additional resident resources please visit Partners PORT website.

Partners Employee Benefits and Perks

(You have MGH  paychecks)

MGH employees have access to great benefits,
including health insurance and child care, see:

and a huge amount of perks, from cell phone services to
manicure discounts and games tickets, all listed at:

Harvard Employee Benefits

(You have Harvard  paychecks)

Harvard employees also have amazing benefits, detailed at:

Harvard Affiliation Perks

(You have a Harvard ID, with or without Harvard  paychecks)

Unlimited access to all Harvard Libraries on the Campus and online access to articles full-text, free for you,
$5 for your spouse or partner. See

Unlimited access to the Harvard athletic centers, swimming pools, Tennis courts etc. for you and your family
(spouse or partner and children, quasi-free, and all related activities (Sailing, Golf…).
See then Recreation tab.

Free access for you + 1 guest to all Harvard Museums. See

Free Harvard Med School M2 shuttle:

Discounts on multimedia equipment:

All discounts for Harvard ID holders in stores like Harvard Coop Library, but also Bank of America, Healthworks,
and a lot of businesses around Harvard square. Basically flash your ID wherever you go, you never know.

Other employer Benefits

(You receive your salary from your home country, a company, an independent grant…)

Contact your employer regarding your benefits, especially health insurance (mandatory in Massachusetts).

About tuition discounts

The Tuition Assistance Plan (huge discounts on courses registration fees at Harvard) is available only for people
who get at least half of their salary from Harvard. See

You can also take English classes for free at MGH. See

For details on how to get your Harvard ID, contact your Department secretary.

All information related to your Harvard ID is at this address:


If you have additional, unanswered questions, please, contact the program’s Administrative and Education Programs Manager, Silviya Eaton, at