research program opportunities at MGH


The Harvard Neurology Residency Program at Brigham and Women's Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital has funding from the NIH/NINDS to support research activities of residents. This is one of a very few select group of programs who have received this funding award – an R25 research training award. This award is designed to help residents develop the skills to begin a career in basic, translational or clinical research. Residents generally apply during the summer of their 2nd neurology residency year and begin mentored research after completion of the second year. Residents may chose to devote 6 months of elective time to research, completing the residency in the standard time frame, or they may chose to devote an entire year to research, completing the residency one year later. A second year of funding is provided and is designed to fund a year of research fellowship after completion of the neurology residency. This fellowship funding provides a bridge so that a resident can successfully transition from residency to a K-award or similar funding. The goal of the grant is to provide resources and mentorship to residents in their quest for independence as a researcher in neurology and the neurosciences.

R-25 Grant Awarded

Dr. Alessandro Biffi Alessandro Biffi, MD is a current Partners Neurology senior resident who has been awarded an NIH Research Education R25 grant for his project titled "Integration of Clinical, Neuroimaging and Genetic Information for Prediction of Cognitive Decline after Intracerebral Hemorrhage". His research mentor is Jonathan Rosand, MD MSc and his research activity will be based at the MGH Center for Human Genetic Research. Alessandro will be pursuing fellowship training in Behavioral Neurology and Neuropsychiatry at MGH. His research will focus on developing clinical tools for individualized prediction of cognitive decline in cerebrovascular and neurodegenerative disorders.