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Preliminary Year

Our Neurology program is advanced, which means that applicants are required to apply separately for a preliminary or transitional position in Medicine.  However, based on applicants’ requests from prior years, we began a joint venture with the Medicine programs at our two hospitals – Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH).  We created a joint Advanced Preliminary (AP) program with both BWH and MGH, which gives us the opportunity to have 5 guaranteed internship slots at each hospital. During the 2011-2012 recruitment season, we are launching an additional AP program with North Shore Medical Center, another Partners Institution, which enables us to have an extra 2 guaranteed preliminary slots. Additionally, applicants are still able to match into the regular preliminary Medicine programs at BWH, MGH and North Shore, so the number of residents completing their internship year at our Partners institutions is not limited to a total of 12. Applicants wishing to stay at their home institution or match elsewhere for the Medicine year are still able to do so and are not at any disadvantage in the Neurology match itself.

For the majority of applicants, we are able to coordinate the Medicine interviews so they coincide with the Neurology interviews. Medicine interviews usually take place on the Wednesday before the Thursday Neurology interviews. It is recommended that applicants arrive in Boston on Tuesday or even on Monday night in order to participate in some Medicine meetings/conferences, meet with residents and get a better feel for the preliminary programs.


If you have additional, unanswered questions, please, contact the program’s Administrative and Education Programs Manager, Silviya Eaton, at