extracurricular activities

Happy Hour

Every week, NM2 “social princesses” suggest a way for residents to have time to bond in and around our fair city. Previous excursions have involved local bars and restaurants, Friday nights at the MFA, Friday nights at the Hatch Shell, beach day, and homes from volunteers in our residency program. Significant others and friends are always welcome!

Book club

Generally four times a year, a book (medical-related or non-medical) is selected for discussion. Residents may obtain the book (free of charge) from the residency program. Dr Samuels and Dr. Ropper alternately host the residents for dinner and a guaranteed lively discussion.

Wine and cheese

Each month, residents have a chance to discuss interesting cases with Dr. Samuels and Dr. Ropper after work with wine and cheese provided by the program. This is a great opportunity to share challenging cases and get expert opinions in a relaxed atmosphere.

Homeless clinic

This program was established by former residents, and gives current neurology residents the opportunity to volunteer at a neurology clinic for Boston Healthcare for the Homeless. There, residents see 1-2 patients as a consultant,  and staff patients with wonderful attendings.

Residency parties

Every year, there is a Fourth of July party at Dr. Samuels house (come see the BWH Neurology flag flown!) followed by a lovely day at the beach to observe fireworks. There is also a yearly Christmas party for the entire residency program – coverage is provided. Each class is also given funds and can arrange coverage for an end-of-year dinner.

Sign Rounds with Dr. Wray

Every month Dr. Shirley Wray holds "Sign Rounds" in the evenings. Residents submit interesting videos and pictures of patients they have seen and go through them in depth together. This is a wonderful opportunity to review physical exam findings and anatomical localization with Dr. Wray. She often will have a "show and tell" section with fundoscopic exam and other pictures that are not to be missed!

Random residency social events

Often, residents gather together to have fun outside of the auspices of the program. For example, there have been Tanglewood trips, snowboarding trips, kayaking/canoeing, beach days, concerts – in the Greater Boston metropolitan area, the sky is the limit (by the way, some adventurous residents are also planning to sky dive together . . . )