Welcome to the Partners Neurology Training Program

In 1994, two of the premier teaching hospitals of Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General (MGH) and Brigham and Women's Hospitals (BWH), merged to form Partners HealthCare Inc. The Neurology Departments and residency programs were among the first of the clinical services to consolidate.

With this merger, two of the greatest neurology departments in the country were brought together, creating a residency that brings the rich educational and research experiences from both hospitals to the fingertips of the residents. The Neurology programs of these two hospitals have played a vital role in the development and maturation of academic neurologists. In addition to providing the highest quality neurologic health care, each has long been committed to advancing the understanding and treatment of diseases of the nervous system. The training of neurologists in the residency program has been the centerpiece of these two departments. In the joint Harvard BWH-MGH residency program, the superior clinical and neuroscience resources of the two major institutions combine to provide a uniquely rich experience in Neurology. Please explore this website for further information on the history, current curriculum, organization, hospitals and resources of the Partners Neurology Training Program.

Congratulations on choosing Neurology as your career path! It is a wonderful field that will offer you tremendous opportunity and fulfillment. Our staff is deeply committed to training the future leaders of Neurology, whether they be expert clinicians, neuroscientists, clinical investigators, medical educators or any mixture thereof. Teaching our residents is one of the most cherished aspects of our work.

Drs. Cho, Young, Samuels, Milligan, and Feske
Front row: Drs. Cho, Feske, Samuels and Cash
Back row: Silviya Eaton, Dr. Milligan, Dr. Cudkowicz and Vanya Sagar

The Neurology Departments of Massachusetts General and Brigham and Women's Hospitals and Harvard Medical School all maintain major neuroscience research facilities. These facilities and the large faculty provide the residents with many opportunities to develop productive relationships with scientific mentors and to participate in clinical and basic science research. Residents are encouraged to participate in research during their residency years to prepare them for careers in academic neurology. We have developed a new mentorship program, pairing residents in their junior year with a staff person with similar interests within neurology. The mentor and mentee communicate frequently, providing the basis for planning elective time productively and developing research interests. Most of our residents go on to do clinical or research fellowships, and the seeds for this are often planted during the residency. The mentorship program is specifically designed to help foster this development.

The structure of the three-year program affords opportunities for residents to develop as teachers both for their colleagues and for Harvard medical students, who rotate on the neurology services in their clinical years. Many residents also take advantage of an opportunity to teach in the Nervous System and Behavior course at Harvard Medical School.

The Massachusetts General Hospital/Brigham and Women's Hospital/Harvard Medical School Neurology Program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education. We accept 17 adult neurology residents and 2 pediatric neurology residents per class and have approximately 51 residents in the 3-year program. This large size among neurology residencies allows our program to take residents with a variety of interests, creating a vibrant environment of shared stimulation and support. The residents play a major role in the governance of the program through their participation in various committees and through the Chief Residency program.

The program provides a unique setting in which to train. With its subspecialty divisions, it provides sophisticated Neurology services to large numbers of individuals with a broad range of neurologic disorders, stretching from the most common to the most rare. Patient care occurs hand-in-hand with an immense research program at our hospitals, as well as through collaborative research with laboratories at Harvard and MIT. We are driven by the expectation that our research will provide the keys to improving treatment and reducing disability for our patients. It's an exciting time to be entering Neurology, and we feel that the Harvard BWH-MGH program is well poised to play a major role in Neurology's future. Enjoy browsing the website and please contact us if we can be of help.

Sincerely yours,

Martin A. Samuels, M.D., BWH Department Chair
Martin A. Samuels, MD
BWH Department Chair

Merit E. Cudkowicz
Merit E. Cudkowicz, MD, MSc
MGH Department Chair

Tracey A. Cho, M.D., Associate Program Director
Tracey A. Cho, MD
Program Director

Sashank Prasad
Sashank Prasad, MD
Associate Program Director
Tracey A. Milligan
Tracey A. Milligan, MD, MS
Residency Committee Chair
Sydney S. Cash
Sydney S. Cash, M
Associate Program Director for Research