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MGH Epilepsy Service in the news

February 2014
The Road to a Cure: Elton's Journey from Albania to
Successful Epilepsy Treatment at MGH

March 2013
Raj's Story: Refractory Status Epilepticus successfully
treated with a novel drug, SGE-547 at MGH

Click here to learn about a clinical trial of
SGE-547 underway at MGH

August 7, 2009
Clinical Centers of Excellence
The MGH Epilepsy Service is featured in a review of Clinical Centers of Excellence for patients with seizure disorders.

December 1, 2007
Advances in Epilepsy Research
An interview with MGH researcher and director of Epilepsy Service Dr. Andrew Cole.
Museum of Science - Current Science Technology Podcast

November 30, 2007
Epilepsy Advances
A Video interview with MGH director of Epilepsy Service Dr. Andrew Cole.
New England Cable News, 'Sci-Tech Today'

November 29, 2007
Epilepsy and New Treatments
An epilepsy awareness presentation given at the Museum of Science.
WGBH Forum Network

July 31, 2007
Health Blog Q&A: Epilepsy and the Chief Justice
An explanation of epilepsy and seizures in relation to Chief Justice John Roberts.
NECN Webcase Law Blog



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