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The Epilepsy Service offers comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services for patients with seizures and related disorders from first seizure events to surgical evaluation of seizure disorders. Detailed neuropsychological testing is available to ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Services include inpatient and ambulatory long-term video-EEG monitoring (using digital technology with computer-assisted event detection), sophisticated MRI imaging and spectroscopy, and functional imaging using MRI, SPECT and PET scanning. A comprehensive epilepsy surgery program complements the latest medical therapy, including clinical trials of new drugs.

Additional services include second opinions, review of neuropathological and radtiographic materials, neurogenetic assessment, ketogenic diet program, and psychiatric evaluation.


The MGH Epilepsy Service offers comprehensive clinical consultation for patients with seizures and related disorders. A referring physician usually initiates consultations. MGH Neurology Outpatient Referral Form (PDF) (or MS Word file format.)

A referral letter outlining the issues allows us to optimize your visit. When you come for a consult, please bring all relevant medical records, films and EEGs (original data, not just reports), and a witness who can describe your events. If it is not possible for a witness to accompany you, please arrange for an individual who has seen your events to be available by telephone.

Epilepsy Surgery

The MGH Epilepsy Service offers evaluation for epilepsy surgery for patients with structural lesions and patients whose seizures have not been well controlled with medical management.
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Epilepsy Monitoring Unit

The Epilepsy Monitoring Unit is a specialized inpatient unit located on the Neurology Specialty Care Unit on Ellison 12. Patients are admitted to the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit for detailed diagnostic evaluation of their seizures and spells. In the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit our goal is to observe and record seizures using continuous EEG and video monitoring. These recordings allow us to make specific diagnoses of spells, and to precisely localize the source of epileptic discharge from the brain. Ultimately this type of detailed diagnostic information is used to develop a specific treatment plan designed for the individual patient that may include medications, surgery, or a device-based therapy.

First Seizure Clinic

The MGH Epilepsy Service First Seizure Clinic, established in 1999, offers rapid and complete expert evaluation of patients with new-onset seizures.

MGH Pediatric Epilepsy

Our services include specialists that diagnose and treat seizure related conditions of infants, children and adolescents. To schedule an appointment for your child please call 617-726-6540. For more information please visit  www.massgeneral.org/children/specialtiesandservices/epilepsy

Second Opinion and Record Review

The MGH Epilepsy Service offers second opinion services to patients and physicians with complex neurological problems. Our goal is to work with patients and their local physicians to optimize diagnosis and care. We can provide opinions based on review of medical records, images and test data, or based on a comprehensive consultation including examination and discussion with the patient and family members.


The MGH Epilepsy Service offers consultation and record review using electronic data transfer under the auspices of the Partners Online Specialty Consultations program. For more information visit http://econsults.partners.org.

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