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Confocal Microscope

Director: Cristopher Bragg, Ph.D.
Telephone: 617-643-5754


Location: room 6.025


Core Functions:
This Core consists of a Zeiss LSM 5 Pascal laser confocal microscope with a Zeiss RGB vario laser module (458/488/514/543/633 nm) and Nikon C1 Confocal/TIRF System with 3 PMT and laser module (403/488/514/543 nm). A Zeiss Axiovert 200 fully motorized light microscope is available with fluorescence, bright-field, phase-contrast and Nomarski (DIC) capabilities. Image acquisition and analyses are performed using Zeiss LSM 5 Pascal Confocal Microscopy Software (Release 3.2) on 2 workstations. The Zeiss Physiology software is also available. Live cell imaging can be done using a Zeiss temperature controller with custom chamber and heating stage. The Nikon C1 Confocal/TIRF System fully motorized Nikon Eclipse Ti microscope is available with fluorescence, bright-field and TIRF capabilities. Imaging acquisition and analyses are performed using EZ-C1 and NIC-Elements Software. Live cell imaging is available using the temperature and CO2 controllers with custom chamber.

Examples of the specific services and analytical procedures available are:
• Double- and triple-labeling experiments
• Acquisition of high resolution images (2048 x 2048 pixels)
• Quantitative information for each channel
• 3-dimensional reconstruction
• Localized scans and FRAP (fluorescence recovery after photo-bleaching)
• Determination of intracellular ion concentration
• Visualization and analysis of intracellular transport mechanism
• Single molecule visualization, allowing dynamic observation and functional analyses of both in vivo and living cells
• Total internal reflection fluorescence experiments (TIRF)
• Dynamic events in live cells and tissues

Igor Bagayev

Senior research technologist
Phone: 617-724-0588

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