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The Neuroscience Center has a state-of-the-art Core facilities program to offer comprehensive and integrated resources to the Center’s investigators and the rest of the MGH community. The facilities are streamlined so that investigators can integrate all the Cores in their projects or, just as conveniently, utilize a subset of the Cores. The goal of the Core facilities program is to support and expand technological expertise at the Center and to establish new resources that enhance the Center's multidisciplinary approach to neuroscience research.


Links to each Core page:
  Vector Development and Production
  Quantitative Real-Time PCR Core
  Confocal Microscope
  Transition Electron Microscopy
  Array Tomography and in vivo Multiphoton Imaging
  Microfluidics Core


Xandra O. Breakefield
Telephone: 617-726-5728

Bakhos A. Tannous
Telephone: 617-726-6026

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