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Lab visitors can also tour the USS Constitution, located in Charlestown Navy Yard.

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Please make a note of the date on which you are to speak. If you are planning to discuss a recent paper from the literature, please forward a PDF of the manuscript to Dr. Cherayil at least a week in advance so that he can send it around to the group.

September 4 Nanda Shanmugam
11 Craig Sturgeon
19 Combined meeting, CNY 114, Bryan Hurley, Mark Kusek
25 Hongjie Zhang
October 2 Dr. Amitabha Mukhopadhyay, National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi, India
9 Chien-wen Su
16 Kriston Ganguli
24 Combined meeting, Simches, Bobby Cherayil, George Russell
30 Dr. Christian Reinecker, MGH
November 6 Dr. Javier Irazoqui, MGH
14 Combined meeting, CNY 114, Haining Shi, Claire Zar-Kessler
20 Mark Kusek
27 Gloria Serena
December 4 Dr. Nitya Jain, CCIB, MGH
12 Combined meeting, Simches, Mei Weng, Uzma Sha
18 Mike Pazos
25 No meeting
January 1 No meeting
8 Shuba Iyengar
16 Combined meeting, CNY 114, Karen Lammers, Mark Salvatore
22 Dr. Anna Sokolovska, MGH
29 Liakot Khan
February 5 Dr. Daniel Irimia, MGH
13 Combined meeting, Simches, Rosaria Fiorentino, Navneet Hundal
19 Michael Zhang
26 Ling-lin Fu
March 5 Dr. Ciaran Kelly, BIDMC
13 Combined meeting, Simches, Stefania Senger, Maureen Leonard
19 Craig Sturgeon
26 Nanda Shanmugam
April 2 Dr. Beth McCormick, UMass Med Ctr
9 Mark Kusek
17 Combined meeting, Simches, Haining Shi, Gary Russell
23 Di Meng
30 Pearl Houghteling
May 7 Gloria Serena
15 Combined meeting, CNY 114, Bobby Cherayil, Qian Yuan
21 Hongjie Zhang
28 Chien-wen Su
June 4 Liakot Khan
12 Combined meeting, Simches, Bryan Hurley, Stephen Hardy
18 Mike Pazos
25 Michael Zhang