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Summer 2013

MIBRC Summer Student Research Symposium

On August 9, 2013, undergraduate summer students and medical students participating in the summer program presented their research findings before members of the MIBRC. The names and affiliated institutions of the students, along with their presentations, are listed below.  Dr. Bryan Hurley, who directs the summer student research program, introduced the students and offered closing remarks. Please note that the first two students presented their findings a week earlier.

*Celia Campos: Undergraduate, Southwestern University
Host Laboratory: Cherayil
“Effects of intracellular iron on inflammasome activation by Salmonella Typhimurium”

Kanya Said: Medical Student, University of Gottenberg
Host Laboratory: Walker
“The role of breastfeeding in sensitization to aeroallergens in allergic mothers”

*Naomi Ali: Undergraduate, Tufts University
Host Laboratory: Cherayil
“Effects of intracellular iron on inflammasome activation by Salmonella Typhimurium”

Rachel Lee: Undergraduate, Villanova University
Host Laboratory: Hurley
“The effect of acid on epithelial cell-derived neutrophil chemotactic activity”

Christopher Lu: Undergraduate, Boston College
Host Laboratory: Shi
“The influence of maternal immune status on offspring”

Edward Membreno: Undergraduate, Salem State University
Host Laboratory: Göbel
“Genome-wide C. elegans screen for kinases and phosphates that regulate intermediate filaments’ role in tubulogenesis”

Marshall Zingg: Undergraduate, University of Mary Washington
Host Laboratory: Fasano
“The effects of gliadin and the roles of toll-like receptors on intestinal cells”

Ruth Abrams: Undergraduate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Host Laboratory: Walker/Fasano
“The microbiome in children predisposed to autism”

Pearl Delano Houghteling: Medical Student, University of Massachusetts Medical School
Host Laboratory: Walker
“Intestinal microbiota as a mediator of inflammation in the premature infant”

Raphael Rothenberger: Medical Student, University of Heidelberg
Host Laboratory: Walker
“Breast milk factors and the development of allergic colitis”

*Celia and Naomi worked collaboratively on this project.