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Lab visitors can also tour the USS Constitution, located in Charlestown Navy Yard.

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MIBRC Summer Student Perspectives

Gobel Lab

"My summer internship experience has influenced my career goals immensely. I loved the project, and am thinking of becoming a GI doc because of my experience.

—Summer student interested in neuroscience and nutrition

Gobel Lab

"My experience in the Mucosal Immunology and Biology Research Center was not only enjoyable, but life changing in an entirely positive sense. I solidified many previously learned biology, chemistry and physics concepts and also learned a tremendous amount about immunology, laboratory research and professionalism."

"Bryan and his group were wonderful mentors and teachers, and I can’t thank them enough for their kindness, patience and openness that made me feel like a part of the research team."

—Summer student majoring in biology

"My summer experience has taught me several things. Besides patience and the utility of thorough planning (which really are good things to learn!), I have been excited by the amount of translational research here, and therefore have learned to incorporate the translational potential of a project into the initial study design. I have also learned and reinforced the value of collaboration and input from my colleagues."

—Medical student