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Residency Intranet (OurMGH)

All residents have access to an intranet that hosts much of the educational content and provides an engaging environment for learning. Resources available include interactive learning modules, electronic libraries of selected papers, as well as resident written notes and curricula. The intranet also hosts administrative tools including conference scheduling, slide presentations, and residency announcements.

Workstations on Wheels (WoWS)

All medical floors are equipped with mobile carts with laptops. These stations facilitate bedside rounds on all patient floors. These computers can be used to access patient data, enter orders, and view radiologic images without restricting the location of residents and are an asset during inpatient rounds.

Voalte Phones (iPhones)

Inpatient teams are given iPhones with the Voalte software. This software allows for secure, instant communication via text messaging or phone calls to clinical staff. In addition, RNs carry Voalte phones allowing for seamless two-way communication between housestaff and nursing.

Web-based Resident Schedule (AmIOn)

Resident rotation schedules are posted in advance on, a comprehensive scheduling tool for residents. The front page outlines which resident or intern is on call for each particular service. Personal schedules can be downloaded to smart phones or calendar software.

MGH/Partners Clinical Systems

Clinical Application Suite (CAS)

All residents have access to a user-friendly state-of-the-art electronic medical record designed by MGH called CAS. This program integrates clinical results, radiologic images, and physician notes into a single program for efficient browsing of patient data.

OnCall and Longitudinal Medical Record (LMR)

Residents will use OnCall or LMR depending on their continuity clinic location. These programs integrate laboratory, pathology, radiology and note information in a format amenable to outpatient medical care. These programs allow the posting of electronic notes to CAS.


Residents have access to apprentice which is available both online and on smartphones. Apprentice serves as the daily team progress note, the nightly “sign-out,” and the team’s to-do list. This integration allows one resource to contain comprehensive, but concise information about a patient and enables seamless teamwork that is crucial on inpatient rotations. By maintaining ‘to do’ lists through Apprentice, all members on the team will be able to see these tasks and mark when they are completed (with real time update of the list to all other housestaff). This allows for outstanding tasks to be carried from one day to another, while allowing housestaff to share responsibility without duplicating work.

Qpid Med

Qpid Med enables clinicians to efficiently search an entire patient’s medical record using key words. For instance, if a clinician wants to determine if a patient has even been known to be in atrial fibrillation, a quick search on Qpid Med will bring up all mentions of atrial fibrillation.

Mobile Resources

Residents can access specific applications remotely and securely via VPN. Mobile phones, tablet devices, and laptops can be used to access resources provided that they are encrypted/secured. mEHR is one such application that allows residents to view clinical data on a mobile device.

Harvard Medical School Resources

Harvard Medical School’s intranet, eCommons, offers Harvard affiliates access to its vast electronic resources, including Harvard’s Digital Libraries, electronic journals, and other administrative tools.

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