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MGH internal medicine residents are placed in a continuity practice from one of the sites listed below. Residents may also practice at four MGH Community Health Centers: MGH Charlestown, MGH Chelsea, the North End Community Health Center and MGH Revere. The health centers have strong ties with their local communities and provide primary care and some specialty services. These centers serve as the major source of patients for the medical teaching service. Through elective outpatient rotations, the health centers also provide house officers with unique opportunities to gain experience in home care, nursing home care, and occupational health. Residents may also select an ambulatory focus in geriatrics. Please consult the table and descriptions below for more details about each practice site.

Practice SiteRange of Residents PlacedTrackLocation
Beacon Hill Primary Care2-10PC and CategoricalNear Campus
Bulfinch Medical Group20+PC and CategoricalOn Campus
MGH Internal Medicine Associates60+PC and CategoricalOn Campus
MGH Broadway Primary Care–Revere4Primary CareOff Campus
MGH Charlestown2-10PC and CategoricalOff Campus
MGH Chelsea2-10PC, Categorical, and Global Primary CareOff Campus
MGH Downtown2-10CategoricalNear Campus
MGH Revere2-10PC and CategoricalOff Campus
MGH West (Waltham)2-10CategoricalOff Campus
Massachusetts General Medical Group2-10CategoricalNear Campus
North End Waterfront Health2-10CategoricalOff Campus
Primary Care Associates, MGH West1Primary CareOff Campus
Women’s Health Associates2-10PC and CategoricalNear Campus

PC=Primary Care

Practice Sites

Beacon Hill Primary Care

Beacon Hill Primary Care is a busy practice that provides comprehensive adult primary care. Close to the MGH main campus, physicians offer a complete range of medical services including routine physicals and health screenings, diagnostic work-ups and treatments, and initial consultations for more complex conditions that require evaluation and referrals to specialists.

Bulfinch Medical Group (BMG)

Bulfinch Medical Group is a primary care and consultative internal medicine practice located on the MGH main campus. Founded in 1990 by nine physicians, the group now includes twenty physicians, five nurse practitioners, and six nurses. We remain committed to our original goal of providing the best, most compassionate and most user-friendly medical care to each and every patient. We are currently expanding and forwarding our mission as we undergo an exciting practice redesign based around the concept of collaborative care teams with dedicated doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, medical assistants, and support staff.

As a resident at the BMG, you will be offered the same access to primary nurses and support staff as our attending physicians. You can expect to be integrated into the BMG culture and meet lasting mentors and colleagues, as well as to gain invaluable hands-on experience across the broad spectrum of internal medicine practice. You will have access to resources like our award-winning Diabetes Management Program, our Cardiovascular Wellness Program, and our Patient Education Center.

It is ultimately our commitment to primary care with a focus on clinical medicine and patient-doctor communication that sets the BMG apart. At the BMG, you can have the best of both worlds: access to the resources of one of the worldÕs most prestigious hospitals coupled with the support of providers dedicated to individualized patient care and clinical excellence.

MGH Internal Medicine Associates (IMA)

The Internal Medicine Associates is a patient-centered primary care practice offering the very highest quality medical care through individualized, innovative and preventative services. With 50 staff physicians, 62 primary care and categorical residents, eight nurse practitioners, over 20 nurses and a full administrative and support staff, it is the largest MGH teaching practice. In addition to primary care and consultative services, the IMA offers comprehensive care for more serious medical issues, on-site case managers, an internal Urgent Care unit and Diabetic counseling. IMA Residents are fully integrated members of this collaborative care team and have the same level of support as that of veteran faculty. Each resident has designated office space with full computer access for use during practice sessions. The facilities also include two conference rooms, administrative areas, and nursing offices.

The IMA has a strong educational mission: we have an on-site Resident Education Coordinator- an IMA attending, who works with the clinic administration and the residency program to ensure that the IMA residents have an excellent educational experience in the clinic. Our residents participate in a carefully designed immersion block for 2 weeks every year, where they spend the majority of the time in the IMA, getting to know the services that the clinic offers and participating in IMA specific activities. The IMA is also one of the two sites for the Crimson Care Collaborative- a Harvard Medical School student-run clinic. Our residents have the opportunity to join the teaching staff of the clinic and help precept the students on a weekly basis.

As part of the Ambulatory Care Division, the IMA provides convenient access to all of the hospital's resources, including a complete range of diagnostic services within the building. This includes laboratories for specimen collection and EKGs, pulmonary function testing, radiology, physical therapy, psychiatry, and social services. This convenient wealth of resources is just one benefit of working within an expansive, leading hospital. Ninety percent of IMA patients come from Boston and the surrounding areas, spanning a broad range of diverse backgrounds. Physicians and support staff work with these patients and their families to improve and maintain overall health and wellness through risk assessment, education, preventative action, appropriate specialized care, and early diagnosis and treatment. The IMA is a stimulating environment that embraces this personalized approach along with new technology and creative initiatives to improve patients’ healthcare experience.

The IMA is located on the main MGH campus in downtown Boston, conveniently accessible by car, bus, or two adjacent subway lines.

MGH Broadway Primary Care–Revere

Dedicated to Serving our Diverse Community

MGH Broadway Primary Care-Revere, part of Massachusetts General Hospital, provides high quality adult primary care to patients who live in Revere and its neighboring communities. We strive to promote access to health care for all by minimizing barriers, such as language, ethnicity or ability to pay. We have multilingual staff who speak Spanish, Italian, Hindi and Tamil, and also offer interpreter services in languages including but not limited to Arabic, Khmer, Portuguese and Spanish.

We are actively involved in community-based programs to help enhance the public health of residents in Revere and are committed to population health management through innovative programs in Diabetes and Hypertension. We also have access to community health programs through partnerships with a local wellness center that offer classes such as tai chi, yoga, smoking cessation and acupuncture. We also have local access to specialties such as Physical Therapy, Mental Health Department, Gynecology and Podiatry.

Teaching is one of MGH’s missions our practice is committed to providing high quality teaching to our residents and Harvard Medical Students who rotate regularly through our practice. We currently have 6 Medical Residents and all physicians in the practice work to help in mentoring them.

A Team Approach to Quality Care

We provide health care as a team, with a focus on the individual patient. This model is often called a “patient-centered medical home” (PCMH), our practice recently received Level 3 PCMH recognition by NCQA. It is designed to help patients stay healthier and to facilitate care when needed, often with shorter wait times.

Each dedicated health care team includes:

  • A physician
  • A nurse practitioner
  • Nurses
  • A social worker
  • Administrative staff

Patients work with a care team to create a personalized and coordinated health care plan. The teams can help patients better understand their health care needs, maintain an accurate medication list and see specialists, if necessary. Patients are encouraged to play an active part in their health care by asking questions, communicating with their care team and collaborating to reach healthy goals.

MGH Charlestown

The MGH-Charlestown HealthCare Center is located 1.3 miles from the MGH campus. Although part of the city of Boston, Charlestown is geographically distinct and more like a small town with its own community identity. About 16,000 people live in just 1.5 square miles. The Charlestown ambulatory care facility sees 26,000 patients annually in its adult internal medicine practice and offers a wide range of services on site. The Charlestown HealthCare Center is accessible by shuttle, car or subway, and residents drive, bicycle or walk to clinic.

The Internal Medicine practice includes a patient check-in area and eighteen physician office rooms. There is also a facility where suturing is performed, nebulizer treatments are given and emergency services are provided. Each resident has his or her own office space during practice sessions. The practice has a library and a computer access to electronic medical records and laboratory information from the hospital. Charlestown also hosts a point-of-care laboratory and digital radiology.

The Internal Medicine practice consists of 10 staff physicians, 3 nurse practitioners, 8 residents in internal medicine, both primary care and categorical , 8 administrative assistants, 6 clinical practice assistants, and 3 RNs. On-site subspecialty services include neurology, dermatology, cardiology, rheumatology, physical therapy, and podiatry. When other subspecialty referrals are made to the consultants at MGH, there is a shuttle bus leaving every 30 minutes from the health center to the hospital, which facilitates the patients’ ability to see consultants on the main campus. As a community health center, services include pediatrics, ob-gyn, mental health and substance abuse counseling.

The population served by MGH Charlestown is economically diverse, including large segments of low-income, working class, and middle class residents. Patients have historically been primarily of Irish descent, but recent growing Asian, African-American, and Latino populations form a significant part of our patient base. Two on-site Spanish interpreters provide translation services to our Spanish-speaking patients. Medicaid and Medicare patients make up 40% of all visits to the center. Charlestown also works with a number of community outreach programs that include a physician and visiting nurse home visit program, the Charlestown Interagency of Aging, Senior Home Care and an adolescent task force. The health center is also actively engaged around the growing problem of heroin addiction in the community.

MGH Chelsea

Located in Chelsea, 3 miles from MGH, north of Boston by the Tobin Bridge.

Chelsea is a city of 35,000 people, although the exact number of residents is unclear, because many are undocumented immigrants. The population is approximately 50 percent Spanish speaking. In addition, patients hail from Brazil, Somalia, Sudan, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and other African, Asian, and Middle Eastern countries. Twenty-five percent of the population lives below the federal poverty level. Designated as an All America City by the National Civic League, Chelsea is a hotbed of civic activity with community-based programs, non-profit agencies, and philanthropic organizations.

The MGH-Chelsea Healthcare Center opened in 1971 and was originally located in a church basement. MGH-Chelsea is now housed in a new 4-story facility in the industrial heart of Chelsea, with a smaller office across the street. This Center includes a walk-in clinic, and services in adult medicine, pediatrics, mental health and social services, prenatal care, physical therapy, nutrition, speech and language therapy, and several medical and surgical specialties. A clinical laboratory performs common blood tests, urinalysis, and bacteriological studies. The radiology facility performs plain films and common contrast studies. CT and MRI studies can be performed at a MGH facility across the street. When other specialty or laboratory services are required, health center staff arrange appointments at MGH and, if necessary, assist with transportation. The health center can easily be reached by public transportation or MGH Shuttle service or car.

The health center provides about 180,000 visits annually, including about 40,000 in adult medicine. The adult medicine team consists of 15 internists, 5 nurse practitioners, primary care and categorical internal medicine residents, and their support staff. Residents in pediatrics are based at MGH Chelsea, and residents in psychiatry often rotate at this site. Most of the professional staff speaks Spanish, and almost the entire support staff is Latino. About 85 percent of patients in the Adult Medicine Unit come from Chelsea; the remainder come primarily from the adjoining communities of Revere and East Boston. In recognition of the diversity and needs of the patient population, the health center has built a large staff of interpreters and outreach workers, and multidisciplinary programs to address issues such as substance abuse, HIV, hepatitis C, diabetes, TB, cancer screening, and refugee health. In addition, the MGH Global Primary Care Program residents have their continuity clinics here. It also is a site for the Crimson Care Collaborative Harvard's first student-faculty collaborative practice.

MGH Downtown

MGH Downtown is a group practice of four internists and one nurse practitioner who provide comprehensive adult primary care. Conveniently located in downtown Boston, our physicians offer a complete range of medical services including routine physicals and health screenings, diagnostic work-ups and treatments, and initial consultations for more complex conditions that require evaluation and possible referrals to specialists.

MGH Revere (RHC)

The MGH-Revere HealthCare Center (RHC) is located in a beautiful office space with a wall of windows overlooking Revere Beach. Revere is seven miles north of the MGH main campus. It has a population of 45,000 and is easily accessible to Boston by car or MBTA subway.

Despite this close proximity to Boston and its medical resources, Revere is a medically underserved community. The population served by RHC is economically diverse, including large segments of poor and working class, as well as middle class residents. Thirty-one percent of visits to the adult medicine practice are from patients with Medicaid or without health insurance. The population seen in the center is also culturally diverse, with a large community of immigrants from Cambodia, and increasing populations from Latino, Arabic, and Bosnian backgrounds. Many other patients are first generation Americans. Full time Spanish, Arabic and Cambodian interpreters are available on site. The mission of the RHC is to serve the specific needs of the community, including routine medical care as well as community outreach projects for problems such as drug abuse and Hepatitis C.

RHC moved to a new, modern, centrally located facility in Revere in 1995. The office itself actually faces Revere Beach, America's oldest public beach, offering beautiful ocean views and salty breezes. Just next door is the famed Banana Boat ice cream stand. The center is located at the Revere Beach stop on the MBTA Blue Line, facilitating transportation for both patients and residents. It is also easily accessible by car. The range of services available to patients on site includes a laboratory, radiology for plain films and digital mammography, and echocardiography once a week. On-site subspecialty services include surgery, Ob/Gyn, neurology, cardiology, nephrology, dermatology, physical therapy, podiatry, and speech therapy.

The RHC Medicine practice consists of 13 adult medicine, 4 medicine/pediatric, and 5 pediatric staff physicians, 1 nurse practitioner, 5 residents (both primary care and categorical), 8 med/peds residents, and their support staff.

MGH West

Mass General West Medical Group is a group practice of 6 internists and 6 pediatricians who provide comprehensive adult and pediatric primary care. The practice has been established for over 25 years and longstanding relationships with the patients are the norm. A focus of the group is prevention with active patient involvement in care and treatment. Conveniently located off Route 128 in Waltham, the practice serves the diverse communities west of Boston and handles over 27,000 visits per year ranging in age from newborn to geriatric. As the Mass General West facility has expanded, there is now on-site access to multiple medical and surgical sub-specialists, physical therapists, pharmacy, laboratory, and diagnostic imaging.

Massachusetts General Medical Group (MGMG)

Located adjacent to the MGH main campus, the Massachusetts General Medical Group (MGMG) is a busy, thriving practice of general internists who provide primary and hospital care to patients from all walks of life. Our medical residents are incorporated into a team-based system that includes ten faculty physicians along with nurse practitioners, registered nurses, medical assistants, secretaries, and others. We pride ourselves on providing collaborative and innovative care while fostering an active learning environment for all who work here. Residents at MGMG work with a core-group of preceptors who have a keen interest in medical education both at the Residency and Division level. The relatively modest size of the practice and the team-based system lead to close, friendly working relationships among residents, practitioners, and staff. We welcome those who envision their future in general or subspecialty medicine.

North End Waterfront Health (NEWH)

North End Waterfront Health is a community health center practice about a mile from MGH in an historic part of Boston on the waterfront. There is shuttle bus service regularly to the main campus, but it is also a short walk from MGH. The North End is the most densely populated part of the city, and its rich heritage goes back to pre-revolutionary times. Paul Revere’s house, the Old North Church and Boston’s famed Freedom Trail are within steps of the health center. Ethnically, being one of the oldest parts of Boston, waves of immigrants followed the well-to-do who first settled here: Irish, Jews and for the past several generations, Italians. More recently, the desired waterfront location has attracted increasing numbers of young professionals, who mix with the traditional population and provide an economically and culturally varied practice experience.

The facility sees in excess of 50,000 visits per year, and has been in operation since 1971. Other than primary adult and pediatric care, services include podiatry, ophthalmology/optometry, Ob/Gyn, dentistry, behavioral health, social work, urgent care, lab and x-ray, and even a child care center. Adult medicine providers have an opportunity to see urgent care patients in addition to continuity patients. Residents have their own office space with an MGH computer during sessions and all systems are linked to the hospital, allowing residents to keep in touch with work at the hospital as needed with the full array of computer tools available on campus. The practice uses the EMR Oncall, which is the same EMR platform used in the Internal Medicine Associates on campus as well as Cardiology, Transplant and other specialties at MGH.

The Adult Medicine practice is structured with 10 physicians, which include 3 categorical residents, 3 nurse practitioners, a nurse manager, a staff of LPNs/MAs who are assigned to providers as assistants each session, and a group of clerical staff. We are a NCQA Level 3 Patient Centered Medical Home, a Joint Commission Ambulatory Care Center and a Joint Commission Medical Home.

The population served is diverse and includes low income and working class immigrants as well as young professionals. The restaurants and other businesses of this vibrant community provide another source of patients with their employees of diverse backgrounds. Geriatric care is a focus and specialty of the health center, with outreach programs into three elderly housing complexes and home visits by a team of community home care providers. It is common for whole families of multiple generations to live in the same building, all coming for care at NEWH, and contributing to the small town European flavor of the environment. It almost feels as if one is in a Norman Rockwell painting, but within a large modern city at the same time. Patients may see you on the street and say, "Hi, Doc!" - which makes you feel part of a community. Whether you like the smell of low tide in the summer or garlic in the air leaving at the end of the day, the NEWH has much to offer as a site for ambulatory training.

Primary Care Associates, MGH West

Primary Care Associates is the newest primary care site which has opened at MGH. Our clinic is a beautifully designed space with 14 exam rooms and will be a site for clinical innovation as we move toward medical home certification. We are poised to grow rapidly in a medical complex which currently houses multiple MGH specialties, including Cardiology, Vascular Surgery, Orthopedics, OB-Gyn, Urogyn, Derm, Allergy, and the Benson-Henry Mind Body Institute. The location of this clinic in Waltham also provides an opportunity to draw patients from Newton-Wellesley Hospital, our Partners affiliate and another key site in resident training.

In addition to MDs and NPs working collaboratively, we are utilizing LPNs instead of medical assistants to room patients and take a more active role in patient management. We have on-site phlebotomy in the clinic, as well as comprehensive radiology services and physical therapy within the medical complex. Primary Care Associates will have a psychiatrist on-site for medication consultation. We are also plan to collaborate with the Oncology Service to develop a cancer survivorship clinic for those providers who have an interest in this field.

As a new practice, we are very engaged in working on office process with a different staffing model than is used elsewhere at MGH, and this will be a unique opportunity for trainees to have an active role in a new practice operation. Primary Care Associates offers the benefits of being part of an academic medical center where you can manage complex medical patients but where you can also have the feel of a private practice firmly rooted in its own community.

Women’s Health Associates (WHA)

Women’s Health Associates is located in the newly opened Yawkey Ambulatory Care Center, and is a group practice of Primary Care physicians with a focus on women’s health. The practice is growing and currently handles over 23,000 visits per year. WHA provides comprehensive primary care, internal medicine and routine gynecology in an environment that encourages communication, education and prevention. The office space is divided into pods. Each pod contains multiple exam rooms, each with its own computer. The office also has a waiting area, a secretarial area and nurse offices. An onsite laboratory is equipped for phlebotomy and ECG testing. There is a patient education room as well as a newly constructed diabetes teaching room equipped with glucometers, interactive computer workstations and literature. Educational conferences with a focus on the care of women are held monthly.

WHA consists of 12 staff physicians, 4 residents in primary care medicine, 4 residents in categorical medicine, and 3 nurse practitioners as well as a psychologist. There is also a large clinical and support staff consisting of nurses, medical assistants and administrative assistants.

Because of its focus on women’s health, approximately ninety percent of WHA patients are women, but it is not unusual for men to be seen in the practice.

For more information about the Ambulatory Care Rotation, Continuity Clinic, and Outpatient Medicine, please click on the following page links below:

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