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Dr. Nicole Danforth

Nicole Danforth, MD

Dr. Nicole Danforth: I think one of the most difficult issues for families with TS is that because so few people really understand TS, and what it is, and what it means, that there can be a real sense of isolation for families. And how do I talk to my child's teacher? Or, how do I even talk to my child's play groups other moms? And these are questions that we try to help parents with, because that sense of isolation and that sense of gee, no one else really gets it. No one else really understands what I'm going through. In that sense, the parent might be right; no one else could possibly understand. But they're certainly not alone, and with web sites like the TS Foundation and TS Alliance, and trying hard to alleviate that sense of isolation and to give people the coping skills and the tools for gee, here's how to talk to a teacher, or here's how to talk to a parent of a play date. It's very important.