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Dr. Elizabeth A. Thiele

Elizabeth A. Thiele, MD, PhD

Dr. Elizabeth Thiele: Treatment for seizures in TSC is similar for epilepsy from other causes. We use medications similar, anyone with epilepsy, and the medications are basically the same. We also use many of those same other treatments. The ketogenic diet can be very effective in TSC. The vagus nerve stimulator can be very helpful. If children or adults with TSC do develop seizures, which are very difficult to control, or don't respond to medications, or what we consider intractable epilepsy, then we also feel that they should be evaluated for epilepsy surgery. Often times, if we are able to identify the site of the brain that is causing the seizures, we can go in and safely remove that region of brain, which often is a cortical tuber. So we often think it's not serving any positive function for the brain. And we would be able to identify it, and remove it. Then the child can often be seizure free, and if not seizure free, can very often have a significant reduction in their seizure frequency.