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Living with TSC
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TSC Family Stories

Jacob, 9 months

Jacob was diagnosed with TSC at five months old. Shortly after diagnosis he began having a serious type of seizure known as infantile spasms. [duration 5:05]
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Michael, 8

Michael is severely affected by TSC. For most of his life he has had seizures that have been difficult to control. [duration 9:38]
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Danica, 13

13-year-old Danica is mildly affected by TSC. Her most recognizable symptoms are her angiofibromas. [duration 9:32]
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Troy, 19

Troy is a senior in high school. His seizures have had a serious impact on his ability to learn. [duration 5:15]
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Laurie, 38

Thirty-eight-year-old Laurie has cognitive limitations. Her kidneys and lungs have also been affected by TSC. [duration 10:50]
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Brad, 40

Forty-year-old Brad's most troubling symptoms of TSC are cognitive limitations and mental health and behavior issues. [duration 7:15]
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Steve, 39

The diagnosis of Steve's sister Amy led to the diagnosis of many other family members spanning three and possibly four generations. [duration 6:15]
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