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Consultation and Customized Services

Get professional advice from your in-house knowledge management experts. Treadwell Library offers a range of library consulting services to help you manage and benefit from the information resources available to you. For example we can:
  • Advise on identifying resources, print and electronic, for professionals and consumers.
  • Manage department libraries.
  • Organize information for easy retrieval - both print resources and resources on department web pages.
  • Provide information on competitive intelligence and copyright.
  • Undertake metadata indexing of web pages.
  • Digitize print information and create a searchable database.
  • Train consumers or staff on online information resources.
  • Be an information resource for your grant.
  • For further information on any of the above or to discuss a specific project call Carole Foxman at 617.724.2777 or email Carole Foxman. Some of these services are fee-based. We provide estimates for all projects.
  • Treadwell librarians already consult for, and work with, a number of departments within the Partners system. Selecting, organizing and retrieving knowledge-based information is our business, so take advantage of our expertise.
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