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Vol. 3, No. 4, July 2001


It always seems to happen on the day before 
a holiday.  Your patron is not looking for the 
American Heart Association cookbook 
(New York : Ballantine, 1994) but for 
recipes and information about less-
frequently encountered dietary problems 
requiring specialized resources. In Medical 
Conditions and Special Dietary Needs, we 
have highlighted selected web sites and print 
sources to assist you in finding this 

In the News
MBLC Issues New CHRC Contract
We are very pleased to announce that for the 
second time, Treadwell Library of the 
Massachusetts General Hospital has been 
awarded the contract to serve as the 
Consumer Health Reference Center (CHRC) 
for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 
The contract with the Massachusetts Board 
of Library Commissioners (MBLC), 
provides funding for two years with 
opportunity for two renewals over a five 
year period. This means that Treadwell 
Library will continue to serve as the 
Consumer Health Reference Center library 
for members of the regional library systems 
until at least June 30, 2003. We at Treadwell 
would like to take this opportunity to say a 
sincere and hearty "thank you" to those of 
you who have used the CHRC services and 
expressed your satisfaction to the MBLC.  
We are delighted to be able to continue to 
offer this service to all member libraries.

Upcoming CHRC/Gale Health & 
Wellness Resource Center Workshops

The CHRC will join with Gale Group 
representatives to offer combined workshops 
covering CHRC resources and the new Gale 
Health and Wellness Resource Center 
database on the following dates: 

? October 15, 1:00-3:45pm, WMRLS - 
? October  17, 1:00-3:45pm, MWRLS - 
? October 23, 1:00-3:45pm, CMRLS - 
? October 25, 1:00-3:45pm, Boston 
Region - Boston Public Library
Mark your calendars now, and watch for 
flyers from the MBLC, set to arrive early in 
September.  Keep in mind that members of a 
regional library system may attend 
workshops in any location.

CHRC at WMRLS Basic Reference Series

CHRC will be joining with the Statewide 
Legal Reference Service (SLRS) and 
MassBedrock on Tuesday, October 17 in 
Hatfield at the Western Regional Office, 
and Thursday, October 18 at the Lee 
Library, to offer joint workshops in the  
WMRLS Basic Reference Training Series 
for library directors in towns under 10,000.   
Both sessions will run from 10:00am to 
1:00pm.  Contact the Western Regional 
Office at 413-247-9306 for further details.

CHRC Web Site

The CHRC web site has undergone some 
design changes that we hope you will like. 
The site has always been ADA (American 
with Disabilities Act) compliant but now 
carries the "Bobby Approved" icon as proof 
of this.  As part of our new contract with the 
state we aim to improve the organization and 
content of the site, so please share with us 
any ideas or comments you may have.

The CHRC News is now archived in PDF 
format, making it easy for you to print extra 
copies. A text version of the CHRC News 
will also be available to comply with ADA 

Special Health Library Coalition Meeting

Martha Stone, Treadwell Library's 
Coordinator for Reference Services, 
presented "Strategies for Finding Health 
Information in Languages Other Than 
English" at the Special Health Library 
Coalition (SHLC)'s quarterly meeting in 
April, 2001.  Topics covered included ways 
to evaluate web sites when you are not 
familiar with the language; use of Google's 
Advanced mode to search for non-English 
language health information, at 
consumer health web sites in non-English 
languages, such as Yahoo in Spanish, 
http://espanol.dir.yahoo.com/Salud/, and the 
extensive polyglot site from the NSW (New 
South Wales, Australia) Multicultural Health 
Communication Service, available at

Web sites in the News


The newly redesigned web site of the  
Consumer and Patient Health 
Information Section (CAPHIS) of the 
Medical Library Association contains links 
to carefully selected "web sites you can 
trust.?  Click on Link to the CAPHIS Top 
100 and arrow down to Total List of all 
Recommended Web Sites to find 
http://yoursurgery.com/index.cfm, a 
multimedia database of operative procedures 
designed to educate consumers about their 
surgery, using diagrams and animation.  The 
CAPHIS web site also includes much 
collection development information ranging 
from materials suitable for a small public 
library to specialized collection development 
bibliographies for areas such as pediatrics.

Closing the Gap

Closing the Gap is a newsletter from the 
Office of Minority Health of the U. S. 
Department of Health and Human 
Services. Click on Archived CTG Issues 
for past issues, available full text to 1995. 
The February/March issue covers topics 
such as standards for cultural and linguistic 
competence in health care, a bibliography of 
cultural competency assessment tools, and 

Health Information on the Internet

With its subtitle "Accessibility, Quality, and 
Readability in English and Spanish" this 
article from the May 23-30, 2001 issue of 
JAMA was the focus of media attention 
when it was published.  Using the topics of 
breast cancer, obesity, depression, and 
childhood asthma, the authors assessed 
fourteen search engines for accuracy, 
comprehensiveness  and consistency.  Sites 
were evaluated by thirty-seven physicians 
from around the United States.  They also 
evaluated Spanish-language web sites for the 
same topics. You can read the full study as 
well as other information and links to media 
coverage, at

Multilingual Health Education Network

Please note that this excellent web site, 
Canada?s multi-language resource for 
professional health care providers, has a new 
URL, listed above..  (Its previous URL, 
, now links to a 
pornography site.)  Farsi and Hindi are some 
of the nine languages available.  Click on 
Vietnamese, for instance,  to link to PDF 
files on childhood diseases or common 
surgical procedures, and vaccination.

Medical Conditions and Special 
Dietary Needs

Nutrition for Healthy Living (NFHL)

Since 1996, Tufts University's School of 
Medicine Nutrition/Infection Unit has 
been providing information on nutrition 
and HIV to over 15,000 people worldwide 
via the NFHL Newsletter.  Though there is 
no search engine, it is easy to see the topics 
listed in the table of contents of each issue.  
For example, the Spring, 2000 issue includes 
an article, "Chillin' in the Freezer Lane" 
listing price, protein, and fat for a number of 
popular frozen dinners.  The same issue 
includes several recipes.   There are over a 
dozen links to governmental, educational 
and commercial Nutrition and Fitness sites 
related to AIDS/HIV at 

American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society (ACS)?s 
site includes information on nutrition for 
children and adults. Click on Living with 
Cancer, then Coping with Cancer, and 
from the drop-down menu box, choose 
Nutrition for the Child with Cancer. 
Information available includes suggestions 
for increasing calories and proteins, as well 
as recipes.  For adults, choose Nutrition for 
the Person with Cancer.  Many topics are 
available; choose, for instance, Managing 
Eating Problems during Treatment.  From 
the options listed, click on Nutrition for 
Individuals with Altered Immune 
Function.  There is information on foods to 
avoid, food-handling tips, grocery shopping, 
and dining out.


Once again, Oncolink makes an appearance 
in the CHRC News, this time for its many 
links to books and FAQs about nutritional 
support during cancer treatment.  For 
example, click on OncoTip of the Day:  
Esophagitis, for foods to eat and avoid in 
coping with esophagitis, an inflammation of 
the esophagus that causes pain and 
discomfort with swallowing.  It is a common 
side effect of radiation treatment for lung 
cancer, Hodgkin?s Disease, Non-Hodgkin?s 
Lymphoma, and head and neck cancers.   
Chemotherapy may also cause esophagitis.

Digestive Diseases
Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of 
America (CCFA)

CCFA's mission is to cure and prevent 
Crohn's Disease and ulcerative colitis 
through research, and to improve the quality 
of life of children and adults affected by 
these digestive diseases.  The Library:  
Diet, Nutrition and Fitness section of the 
CCFA site covers a wide variety of 
nutritional and dietary information.  
Included are links to food sources for 
vitamins and minerals; alcohol and 
inflammatory bowel disease (IBD); and 
specific diets (e.g. low residue, low fiber)
for increasing calories and proteins and 

National Digestive Diseases Information 

The NIDDK's Lactose Intolerance page 
includes help in planning a high-calcium and 
low-lactose diet, as well as "hidden lactose" 
foods, and a link to an easy-to-read 
brochure, ?Why Does Milk Bother Me??

Food Allergies
Celiac and Gluten-Free Diet Support 

The purpose of this site is to provide people 
who have celiac disease or gluten 
intolerance, and are not aware of it, with a 
means of figuring out what their problem is, 
and to help those who know they have it 
lead more comfortable and healthy lives.  
Arrow down the page to find links to Safe 
and Forbidden Foods for Gluten-Free 
Diets.  These are lengthy, alphabetic lists, 
some of which contain links. There are 
Recipes and Cooking Tips as well as links 
to Gluten-Free Specialty Food 

Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network 

The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis 
Network (FAAN) was established in 1991.  
Its membership includes families, dietitians, 
nurses, physicians, school staff, 
representatives from government agencies, 
and the food and pharmaceutical industries. 
Click on Managing Food Allergies in 
Schools to view information relevant to 
parents, teachers, bus drivers, school nurses, 
and young students, including an 
Emergency Health Care Plan, suitable for 
displaying in public places, in both English 
and Spanish. Click on Recipe of the Month 
for milk-free, egg-free, wheat-free, peanut-
free, soy-free, or nut-free recipes.  The home 
page includes links to up-to-the-minute 
allergy alerts.  

Osteoporosis and Related Bone Disease 
National Resource Center (ORBD~NRC)

ORBD~NRC is a resource center funded by 
a grant from the National Institute of 
Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin 
Diseases of the National Institutes of Health.
Click on Newsletters to see Parts I and II of 
Nutrition and the Skeleton, including 
information about calcium absorption.  To 
use the search engine, enter a word, 
preceded by a plus sign (e.g. +bread).   
Osteoporosis Overview lists bread fortified 
with calcium as an example of a good food 
source.  Click on Bone Links for other 
resources providing information about 
osteoporosis, Paget's disease, osteogenesis 
imperfecta, and related metabolic bone 

General Information
Tufts University Nutrition Navigator

Tufts University nutritionists apply rating 
and evaluation criteria developed by the 
Tufts University Nutrition Navigator 
Advisory Board to each of the web sites 
included at this site.  Governmental, 
academic and organizational sites are 
represented, and are grouped under broad 
headings.  Click on Special Dietary Needs.  
Choose, for example, Meals for You, which 
rates 23 out of a possible 25 points.  This 
less-than-perfect score is due to the Tufts 
nutritionists caveat that  "the recipes appear 
to be sorted by a nutrient analysis program, 
meaning that no person selected and placed 
recipes into the specific nutrient categories. 
While the numbers are all correct, such a 
focus on a single nutrient can often skew 
how healthy (or unhealthy) a dish really is."  
This review links to the site itself.  Click on 
Diet to find recipes for, among others, 
Kosher, Vegetarian, or Wheatless and 
Dairyless diets.  The Advanced Search for 
recipes allows you to check off a wide range 
of ingredient categories to exclude, for 
example, yeast, corn products, and gluten.  
You can also choose to look for recipes with 
high or low levels of vitamins or minerals.

In Print

Coping with prednisone : (and other 
cortisone-related medicines) : it may 
work miracles, but how do you handle the 
side effects? / Eugenia Zukerman and 
Julie R. Ingelfinger /  New York : St. 
Martin's Griffin, 1997

"An estimated one million people in the 
United States take high doses of prednisone 
and related drugs (glucocorticoids) yearly? 
state the authors.  These drugs, effective in 
alleviating many illnesses and conditions, 
also have side effects ranging from possible 
weight gain to redistribution of body fat.  
Several chapters are devoted to nutritional 
guidelines and recipes for various age 

Everything you need to know about 
medical treatments / Springhouse, PA : 
Springhouse Corp., 1996

One of this popular book?s chapters, 
Treating Nutritional and Metabolic 
Disorders includes diets for a wide variety 
of problems.  There are instructions for low-
purine diets, fiber-modified diets, low-
phenylalanine diets, and more.  

Finding recipes and nutritional information 
for less-commonly encountered illnesses and 
conditions can be time-consuming.  Don?t 
hesitate to ask us for assistance on this or 
any other subject.  Please let us know if 
there?s a topic you?d like to see covered in 
the CHRC News.


CHRC Contact Information

Tel: 1-877-MEDI-REF (1-877-633-4733)
 or    617-726-8600

Fax: 617-726-6784

or treadwellqanda@partners.org

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