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About the Consumer Health Reference Center

What is the Consumer Health Reference Center?

The Consumer Health Reference Center at Treadwell Library, Massachusetts General Hospital, is a library to library service funded by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners and established as part of the Strategic Plan for Libraries in Massachusetts. It provides access to consumer health information to libraries in Massachusetts that are members of one of the six multi-type regional library systems.

Who can use the Consumer Health Reference Center?

Libraries that are members of one of the six regional library systems in Massachusetts can use the Consumer Health Reference Center when local and regional resources have not been able to meet the needs.

What services does the CHRC provide?

The CHRC provides mediated reference services to library staff at all regional member libraries. As the CHRC is intended to supplement local and regional resources, libraries are encouraged to first contact their regional reference center and/ or Boston Public Library, the Statewide Reference and Referral Center, before referring a question to the CHRC.

In addition to reference services the CHRC provides continuing education courses and a quarterly newsletter, CHRC News, for member libraries.

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