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Reference: Finding and Evaluating Health Information and the Health Reference Interview

Evaluating Web Resources
Extensive list of resources for evaluating health information on the Internet. Includes examples of "bad" sites. From Lister Hill Library of the Health Sciences, University of Alabama.
Web-based tutorial for librarians and others who provide information on consumer health questions. Pathfinders to consumer health information on different topics. Developed by the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NNLM).
National Network of Libraries of Medicine(NNLM)
An introduction to Health Reference and Research prepared by the NNLM. This site reminds librarians of the important elements in their reference service, offers sample questions and a list of general characteristics of consumers seeking health information.
Reference Interview Resources
From NNLM includes HealthNet: Connecticut Consumer Health Information Network "Guidelines for Providing Medical Information to Consumers"
Nebraska Library commission's Statewide Training for Accurate Reference Reference Manual(STAR Manual)
This sites provides sample caution statements for particular reference situations. A checklist for evaluation of medical web sites is also included.
Talking Quality.gov Talking to Consumers about Health Care Quality
A government resource providing in-dept information on interpreting information on health care quality, how to explain quality measurement to consumers, and providing consumers with health care quality information that is useful and understandable. Includes download for Planning Workbook, glossary, FAQ.

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