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  • Adolescent Violence Prevention Counseling Provides information for teenagers, parents, peer counselors, and others on how to deal more effectively with violence in their lives. Offers alternative ways to resolve disputes without violence.
  • Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence Collects research literature and resources on the causes and prevention of violence. Provides topic searches to the public. Offers technical assistance for the evaluation and development of violence prevention programs.
  • CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), National Center for Injury Prevention and Control: Division of Violence Prevention Provides links and information on four priority areas: youth violence, family and intimate violence, suicide, and firearms injuries.
  • Committee for Children Provides award-winning social skills curricula for the prevention of youth violence and child abuse. Trains educators, provides technical assistance, parent education, and original research. Includes information on how to deal with bullying and sexual harrassment.
  • National Children's Advocacy Center Provides prevention, intervention and treatment services to physically and sexually abused children and their families. Includes safety tips for parents, information on developmental stages and indicators of abuse.
  • BullySafeUSA Created by SueEllen Fried, an advocate on ending bullying, the site features resources for other advocates, parents, and educators to reduce the pain, rage, revenge, depression, and suicide cycles of bullying.
  • Youth Violence Prevention ResoursesBibliography of resources compiled by the National Library of Medicine covering January 1990 to September 2000.

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