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1. What kind of information are you likely to find for free on the Internet? Check all that apply:

A. Consumer information E. Government information
B. How anyone can cure cancer for only $19.95 F. New York Times articles from the 1940s
C. Accurate and scholarly health information G. Dangerous, incorrect health information
D. A particular 1970s article on testicular cancer H. Some full-text, scholarly journal articles

2. You want to do a search that includes all information available on osteoporosis as well as all information available on calcium. You don’t necessarily need any single article to mention both topics. What would your search strategy be?

A. Osteoporosis OR Calcium

B. Osteoporosis AND Calcium

C. Osteoporosis AND NOT Calcium

D. Calcium AND NOT Osteoporosis

If you do not have a library card that works for the InfoTrac Health Reference Center database or EBSCOHost, you may skip questions 3-6.)

3. Select the Health Reference Center database when you connect to InfoTrac and enter the following search Diabetes and "Weight Management", Which of the following articles is among those found?

A. Thigh adipose tissue distribution is associated with insulin resistance in obesity and in type 2 diabetes mellitus.

B. Diabetes: Can Diet Make a Difference?.

C. Impairment of health and quality of life in people with large waist circumference.

4. Is your answer to number one available full-text online?
Yes No

5. Using EBSCOHOST and then choosing USP DI Volume II, Advice for the Patient, find out if there is a generic name alternative available in the United States for a patient who uses a Proventil inhaler.
Yes No

6. Should this patient continue to use her Proventil inhaler if she’s pregnant?
Yes No

7. You'd like to find citations to some scholarly articles on cancer of the salivary gland. Where would be the best place to find this?

A. healthfinder

B. AltaVista

C. PubMed

D. InfoTrac Health Reference Center database

8. You'd like to find patient education information about osteoporosis and smoking. Where would be the best place to start looking for this?


B. Medlineplus

C. Google

D. PubMed

9. Do a search on PubMed using the Mesh Browser. Is Lou Gehrig's Disease a Medical Subject Heading (MeSH)? If not, what is the preferred term?

(You can look at the MeSH Browser section of the PubMed tutorial for help if you need it).


B. Motor Neuron Disease

C. Gary Cooper's Syndrome

D. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

10. You'd like information on possible drug interactions between amoxycillin and prednisone. Where could you go to find this? Check ALL that apply.


B. MedicineNet

C. Medlineplus

D. HotBot

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